Thursday, September 01, 2005

What good are blogs?

I recently came across this blog entry on Will Richardson's site. He describes a small aspect of why blogs are important - that being that they help to bring information to the public and to prevent "ownership" of said data. I feel this is a very good way to look at the subject, and a good reason for them to exist.

Many changes in history have come from the change in the availability of data - from the printing press making literature available to the masses, to information becoming freely available via the internet.

Therefore, I would say that a good blog is one that has value and can be used in the future to help other people. Many blogs can be useful for the opinions expressed about certain events in history, without being pure fact.


StephenD said...

Blogs are a very usefull tool read about fact and fiction. Although they are a good tool for information its becoming harder and harder to sort through what is real and what is being made up. With the use of blogs a person can post on anything they want which can be made up knowledge or actual facts. Its kind of a win lose situation with blogs.

djkobb said...

I agree with the importance of the availability of data, or information. Being informed is equivalent to being empowered. When you know the facts you can not be lied to or cheated.


The ownership of the information feels much more public, I agree. It's easier to read when you feel like whatever you may be seriously considered.


I should definitely read before I post anything.


Anyway, it's easier to read and comment when you feel that whatever you say may be seriously considered.

Ken Smith said...

I like the way you and your commentors have picked up on the fact that blogs can help alter the social order and lead to a wider access to the tools for creating and sharing knowledge. This seems very important for a democratic society. I hope you'll keep writing about that aspect of blogging in the days ahead as you see other sites that practice, or fail to practice, those values.

completemadman said...

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