Saturday, September 17, 2005

Official Announcement: Blog Topic for the Semester+

I think that I have decided on the topic about which I will write this semester, and that is, not surprisingly, the idea of hobby electronics. I think that this will be the main topic, with perhaps a smattering of the other topics mentioned earlier - hobby robotics and the software that goes with them. In addition, I might make the occasional comment on a related topic that is becoming dear to me - amateur ("ham") radio.

I think that this will leave me with plenty of topic to write about for the coming months and should provide a chance to look into some new areas of interests I already have. Also, I think that the focus should be narrow enough that I won't be trying to write over too broad of an area, mostly by sticking to the hobby side of the topics.

With these topics, I will have posts about what other people are doing in these fields as well as some of my own projects and experiences.

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