Friday, September 16, 2005

Class blog topics

From the discussion in class, I found some of the topics to be particularly interesting and that could be something I could contribute to. One of these is the idea of having a section discussing the technology available to IUSB students and how it can be used to benefit them. As a CS major, I am fairly familiar with much of the technology, but could also perhaps talk to the OIT to find out what sort of "hidden gems" they might be able to suggest. Another idea that was floated around was a picture of the day. Since I enjoy digital photography and have a fairly decent camera, this could be something I could contribute to as well. I think that the picture of the day idea in addition to photos with some blog entries could add some spice to the site and keep it interesting.

I think that in addition to the topics mentioned above and in the chat room, a calendar of events might be a nice addition, even if it isn't a blog entry, but just some extra content for the site. This could be used as a way possibly to tie into some blog entries - if one of the events on the calendar gets covered in an entry. Just a thought.

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