Sunday, September 04, 2005


A topic that I would really like to write about is hobby electronics. I have always enjoyed meddling with small components to create interesting devices, and would like to learn more about different and interesting circuits and ideas that other people have. One of my favorite blogs for information along these lines is called While the name might conjure the idea that this is a site for people who break into computers, this is nowhere near the truth. The term "hacker" has a very negative conotation to most people, due to its common misuse. "Hackers" are people who find new uses for existing hardware and software, while "crackers" are the folks who attempt to get into computer systems, often but not always with the intent to cause damage.

This, however, is completely beside the point.

Hackaday, as its name implies, presents a new "hack" every day and allows people to comment on this hack. As such, it is a fairly active blog and gets many comments per day. The topics range from electronics (my strongest interest) to mods (redesigning existing hardware) to software hacks that allow more to be done with less.

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Ken Smith said...

One thing that your post reminds me of is that a good blog creates a community of people who share a certain interest. We need to find a topic for our own sites that we can commit ourselves to, enjoy, and sustain, while offering something of value that will create a community of readers.