Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Elusive Wikipedia Article

I've been searching for a while for something on Wikipedia about which I could write that hasn't already been written about, but I'm finding this to be quite difficult. This is mostly because there are so many articles already in existence that it is not an easy task to find anything that hasn't been covered, let alone something about which I have knowledge. About the only thing that I have come up with so far is that there is no article about my employer, Tenneco Automotive, so I guess that I could research and write about that, but that doesn't sound like so much fun. Unless I could do so on company time... hmm... My other thought is to find something that is barely covered, but from the sounds of the assignment on W315 Central, I think it needs to be something that doesn't yet exist. Somebody, please correct me if I'm wrong in this assumption, but that seems to be how the last bullet on this assignment reads.

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