Saturday, October 15, 2005

Simple Project: SNES RF-Adapter

Here’s a simple little project that came out of necessity – I had an extra Super Nintendo that I wanted to give to my girlfriend, but none of the accessories for it – controllers, AC adapter, and… an RF-adapter to connect it to a TV. Long story short, I got everything else except the adapter and didn’t want to have to pay big bucks to get a “real” adapter from eBay or used from a used-game place. I decided that it couldn’t be terribly difficult to make, and that this could be an interesting little project.

My first step was to open the existing adapter from my Super to see what makes it tick. It turns out that there really isn’t too much to it, just some circuitry to handle the automatic switching of the signal from the antenna or from the Super. Since this didn’t really work very well to begin with (the picture from the antenna was often fuzzy), I decided to not try to copy this circuit, but instead to use an RF switch I had lying around from a previous cable-TV installation. I soldered and heat-shrunk the cable from an RCA-style plug onto one of the inputs of the switch and left the other side open for connection to an antenna.

That’s it for construction – just a few cables in the right spots and it works like a charm. This just goes to show that not all projects have to be difficult to be useful!

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